Don't Update to iTunes 12.7 if You Use a First Generation Apple TV

Apple TV Sep 22, 2017

Anyone that's seen posts on XenoDyne before I revamped it will know that I have been a Mac user for decades. Then recently Apple royally pissed me off in their handling of a support request (which was the first one I've ever made with them in the twenty plus years I've used their products and services believe it or not). I'll spare you the details of that as I'm not in the mood to write a ten thousand word rant on the subject, but lets just say I made a promise to the jumped up shit in customer service I had the displeasure to talk to that I would never be buying anything branded by or sold by Apple ever again. Yes, it was that bad.

However since that occurrence a few months ago Apple have managed to continue to piss me off, with the latest aggravation being the new version of iTunes and the old 1st generation Apple TV. I have a 1st gen ATV, which has always been a nice little addition to my collection of old crap and only very recently (a few weeks ago) I actually got around to trying to upgrade the hard drive in it with little success. That's not what pissed me off though (I mean it's annoying but I'll probably write about that at a later date). No what pissed me off is that while I'd been attempting different approaches to upgrading it, I put the old drive back in and continued using the ATV as normal, then made the mistake recently of updating to iTunes 12.7.

It didn't dawn on me that with the new version having removed quite a lot of features, much to the chagrin of many users, that Apple might also actually have killed support for the first gen ATV, making it about as useful as a brick with an HDMI port. But it appears they have done just that and didn't even have the decency to announce what they'd done in the release blurb — they haven't even updated the knowledge base articles about syncing media to the ATV or in the help docs included with iTunes itself.


So now I've downgraded back to the previous version and can sync once again to the ATV. And yes I admit the first gen ATV is old and shit, it hasn't technically been supported for years and it's surprising they hadn't removed the functionality from iTunes sooner given the age of thing. Even so what they've done is a bit on the nose and the lack of acknowledgements has left it all slightly ambiguous as to if it was intentional or not (I've no doubt it was).