Everything Is Awful

Site News May 15, 2019

The site should now be forcing your browser to use SSL when visiting. I had some minor hiccups getting this to work but I think I've got it all covered now. At the end of the day if it does work perfectly fine you won't notice any difference (except your browser should now be telling you the site is secure). If it doesn't work, you'll probably not even be able to read this, or visit the site. So me directing this post to you is completely pointless. It works for me however and I have a pretty standardised way of connecting to the Interweb so that means it should work for a majority of people which is what I want.

Anyway aside from that I've uploaded all the old articles, except for 2 which were quite obviously pointless posts that I clearly only wrote because I was bored, had nothing interesting to write about and felt I needed to write about something. I mean, most of what I write is probably considerably pointless in that respect, but that's not the point; the point is I reread all of my articles while in the process of uploading them and made some minor (and some major) changes here and there — sometimes I get a bit carried away with a rant and forget to include important information, other times I just rant and it's boring. All I've come to realise is I am a terrible person.

Also the site now has adverts again. It had adverts before but they didn't work because my amazing HTML5 'skillz' were too amazeballs for the ad-code to know what the fuck was going on. Disclaimer: I need ad revenue to support the hosting costs and trust me I've had so little traffic through this place in the past four years that it would have to become insanely popular all of a sudden before I even began to recoup the losses. Besides if you don't want adverts you can us an ad-blocker extension in your browser (gasp).

If you asked "where's the cookie opt-out?" after reading about the ads then, yes you probably can opt-out of them since they're Google Adsense cookies. Don't ask me how though — I've actually looked this up and they don't exactly make light of how to do it in a quick and easy fashion (why would they). If you were thinking about that stupid EU cookie law and that I'm supposed to be displaying an opt-out notification here then sorry to burst your bubble but I only need to do that for you if this website, or rather the software on this website (in this case Ghost) actually sets cookies that track you. But it doesn't, so I don't.

One other aspect to the site that I've been considering is putting in some kind of comment system, or maybe even a forum. I was looking at Discourse as my main choice but that looks like it's going to be a wonderfully difficult thing to do. It was hard enough getting Ghost working on this server due to some incompatibilities and while having Discourse running on here too would be great I'm not going to lose sleep over it if I can't do it. Mostly because I doubt there's enough traffic coming to the site to warrant having comments or a forum. Plus I had always only planned on adding such features as and when I started releasing various mods I've created for certain games over the years, but I still haven't got to that point 10+ years later so it may never happen. What's your opinion on that? Leave a comment below the… Oh wait, never mind.