Read & Understand and the Truth Shall Set You Free

Rant May 28, 2019

With so many places on the web these days that let any old Tom, Dick and Harry ask a question without bothering to look to see if someone else has already asked the same question, it's understandable when you see some jumped-up twat caustically demand the questioner ask Google instead. Then someone just answers it because they have some free time on their hands, possibly knows the answer and can't be bothered to be an arsehole about it, rendering the twat's response useless.

What's more interesting and infuriating is how many people these days don't bother to read and at least attempt to understand what has been written. When there's a language barrier then you can somewhat dismiss this kind of buffoonery, but not when they clearly read and write the same language as you do at such a level based on their responses that it's reasonable to assume there is no language barrier and in fact it is only their stupidity that is causing any kind of issue.

I'm not naming names, or posting links to examples, there would be too many to remember anyway, but I've come across two retards lately that lacked the ability to simply understand what they were reading. Let me share my experiences with you: The first instance I was in a position giving support on a forum and someone had asked a question that I knew the answer to, so I answered it in a normal and polite manor. They did not understand what I meant and started coming to strange conclusions, at which point I should have realised I was dealing with an idiot but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and explained it in what I thought were layman terms.

I should have just stopped responding instead…

Trying to explain things to someone that clearly had already misunderstood a very basic answer to his question merely opened a can of worms, as the idiot once again completely misunderstood everything I wrote but this time went off and made another discussion thread demanding resolution to an issue they quite literally plucked out of thin air, but tried to pass it off as if that was what I'd told them. Ever heard the expression turning two pages at once? Well this dolt went several steps further by flipping the entire book over and started reading the graffiti on the table underneath it. Needless to say I did stop responding at that point.

Then there was an incident that occurred just the other day in which I was actually speaking to a developer (someone you'd expect to be relatively learned and able to understand basic instructions given in his own language). Firstly let me briefly explain the issue I was having (I was reporting a bug). There's a piece of software that has third-party extension support and I discovered a bug which only occurred when one particular extension was installed and a particular setting was enabled in the software. Oddly, the bug persisted even when the extension was disabled or removed, but it only ever occurred if that extension was installed at some point first, so naturally I thought that the extension might be causing the bug.

So I decided to report this bug to the extension's developer… And then came the fun part. Not only was he blunt and on the verge of being rudely dismissive of my mere suggestion his software was not perfect, but he completely misread my steps to reproduce said bug and dismissed my report. After I politely corrected his mistake, rather than admit to it and maybe apologise for being such a dickhead, he continued on his self-righteous path of arseholery and instead claimed that while he was now able to reproduce the bug, because it still existed after uninstalling his extension it therefore was nothing to do with him. Once again he had completely failed to read and understand what I'd written about how the bug only occurred if his extension was installed first (keep this in mind when you read on).

OK, so there's a chance that a quirk in his extension causes the bug to manifest itself but the actual problem might be with the main piece of software as he was so adamant about. Fine, I was willing to accept that as a possibility and I wasn't going to argue with someone clearly on the spectrum (I'd have better luck banging my head against a brick wall), so I made no further issue out of it and went to report the bug to the developers of the main piece of software instead, which I did.

But low and behold Fuckwit McFuckface shows up in my new report, links to the bug report I made to his extension's issue reporting system, then claims the bug was reproducible without his extension installed, which was wrong and again completely ignoring what I'd already written (twice now in two different places) and failing to make the very important distinction that his extension had to be installed to begin with in order for the bug to occur at all.

I mean there's being an idiot and then there's that.