SSD's Are Still Expensive and My Apple TV Upgrade Is Still Not Working

Apple TV Oct 4, 2017

I remember reading earlier in 2015 from a few sources that some pundits were putting their money on the prices of Solid State Drives coming right down towards the end of that year and into 2016 and I even remember reading one twat's ill-informed opinion that they'd come so far down by the end of 2016 that they'd be on-par with mechanical hard drive prices. Damn were those fuckers wrong!

I bought a 960GB SanDisk Ultra II SSD in June of last year for something like £180 which was pretty damn good for close to a Terabyte at the time (the price I paid was a good discount since it was about 20 quid less compared to what it normally sold at though). The same drive over a year later is now £255 and that's still supposedly a discounted price (if Amazon are to be believed). It isn't even the current model either.

Anyway aside from being amazed at how expensive SSD's still are, I've been arsing around with my old Apple TV. Again. I mentioned a few weeks ago while dealing with the heartache caused by iTunes 12.7 dropping support for it that I'd tried upgrading its hard drive and failed miserably. Well I tried again today with a new and different spec hard drive and bugger me if it still didn't bloody work. Last time I came to the conclusion the hard drive just wasn't compatible with the thing, but this time I've come to the conclusion these cheap IDE to SATA adapters I've been using (two thus far) have been shit.

If I will try again, I don't know. I've done some deep intense research on finding an adapter that actually works and I came up with one possibility, but it's far from certain that it will work, as all I have to go on are two tossers' posts on a forum from about 8 years ago saying it does work. It's twice as expensive as the last one I bought too and I also don't fancy buying any more hard drives, so if I'll fork out yet more money on an unsafe bet is yet to be seen.

I mean fuck, there's plenty of articles and tutorials out there that explain in detail how to pull apart the ATV and put it back together again, how to set up a hard drive for use with an ATV (nearly all of which I've followed) and all that shit, but there literally aren't any articles explaining what hard drives and adapters are actually compatible. Oh well, maybe I can change that but it'll have to be one for the back burner for now.