Unwrapping the Present in Surgeon Simulator

Gaming Nov 17, 2020

Here's a quick and easy fix for you budding young surgeons out there. While going through some games I've owned for years but rarely played I thought I might fire up Surgeon Simulator for a laugh. I quickly realised that I had lost all my previous progress (which wasn't much to say the least but it was enough to irritate me), so it was like a blank slate for me.

If you own the game you may be aware there was a free DLC a few years ago that introduced a new patient; President Trump. The Trump DLC is unlocked from the start but it includes a present for the surgery which is locked and you can only unlock it by putting in an email address using the notepad close by to sign up for 'Club Bossa'. The problem is that it appears to have stopped working at some point as putting an email in (real or fake) no longer does anything. Fuck knows if Bossa Studios will ever fix it, but fear not since I went digging around in a dynamic link library for the game and found the registry entry to do the job instead.

The odd thing about Surgeon Simulator is all your progress is stored in the Windows registry. If you ever want to back it up, you have to open the Registry Editor via regedit.exe navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE and export the Bossa Studios key which contains everything from unlocked levels to the game's graphics settings. There's plenty of places out there that tell you how to use this to unlock all the levels without having actually completed them first, but not how to unlock the present.

Well, except for now. All you do is navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Bossa Studios\Surgeon Simulator 2013 and add trumpmakeup as a new DWORD (32bit) Value, then right click on the new entry you just made and select Modify and then change its hexadecimal value to 1. Save and you're done; you just unlocked (or rather unwrapped) the present which as you may have guessed contains a makeup kit to use on himself.

I'm not sure what look I was going for there.

Obligatory and somewhat obvious note for the politically minded: I'm not taking sides here. Being an Englishman, I'm about as interested in US politics as I am in eating garden salad… In fact I'm about as interested in politics in general (even in this country) as I am in eating garden salad. Secondary note: I've never eaten a garden salad.