Using Ghost Again

Site News May 14, 2019

Ghost is a publishing platform mainly used for blogs which I started using on XenoDyne over two years ago, around the time it was still in its pre v1.0 releases. But it was awkward to install, awkward to update and awkward to keep running, so in the end I gave up on it in favour of developing my own HTML5 based page (and that's all it was, one page with everything crammed into it). I was never sure if that was going to be a permanent change as I had hoped one day Ghost would be a bit more accessible to me when it matured in development and apparently now it has.

I must admit that I've done this sort of thing (i.e. changed the backbone of the website) so many times before that content that existed previously would usually have been too time consuming and annoying for me to import so I started fresh each time, but since the content I've posted on here over the last couple of years has all been stored relatively simply compared to previous iterations I actually plan to bring everything I have posted in the past into the new system. It will eventually (hopefully within the next few days) appear in chronological order, so will show up as if posted prior to this article. I hope to also get SSL encryption working in the coming days among other things.

Overall now the site looks less shit and it'll be much easier for me to post articles (before I just added them to my rather messy HTML5 page) and implement features so I really do want to be more active on here as a result.