Photo by Sasha Freemind / Unsplash

What Really Confuses Me

Random Ramblings May 11, 2022

This is a random post, made at half past midnight on a Wednesday morning. It has nothing to do with technology. I'm not going on about some puzzlement about computers or games or websites. No, something deeply confuses me that is more biological in nature…

I've no idea who she is but she's a nice example of the female of the species. Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău, apparently.


I've gone through a lot during my lifespan. I'm not even (probably) half way through my life yet, in fact, but one thing has always remained constant: I cannot get my head around the fairer sex.

I literally cannot explain myself beyond that, other than perhaps I'm currently on a rollercoaster of emotion while attempting to put together a million-piece jigsaw puzzle of meaning, all the while there's a woman at every turn distracting me but in an incoherent, unfathomable way.

Does that even make sense? Probably not.

I honestly don't like making personal, opinion-based pieces on this website, but I am currently a bit of a wreck, so writing it down somewhere public is slightly cathartic for me.

Anyway, perhaps in future I'll write about something slightly more interesting or useful. But until then, good night…