Back Soon

Or sooner rather than later.

I used Ghost as the software for Xenodyne's content. I first started using it back in 2017ish when it was still in it's infancy but decided not to carry on with it due to how much of a PITA it was to keep updated. Some years later I switched back to it after it had matured and I've been using it ever since around 2019.

However since March this year, the developers of Ghost made some small but as it turned out incredibly annoying changes to the way it worked with databases which stopped me from being able to update it on my host. I didn't even bother asking my host to look into it because they're about as useful as a wet paper bag full of shit.

Ghost's devs have also continuously updated the thing to push monetisation and subscriptions and shit like that, I don't understand why they couldn't just keep the fucking thing a simplistic blog like it was. As usual, feature creep set in which always put a strain on development and now they've gone and dropped support for anything except fucking MySQL 8 databases - unsurprisingly my host doesn't use MySQL but MariaDB which is fast becoming the go-to solution for many hosts. However despite originally being a "drop in replacement" for MySQL (look it up if you want to know the history), it has started to diverge from MySQL rapidly. But if hosts continue to offer MariaDB instead of MySQL, why the blue buggering hell Ghost's devs decided to only support MySQL 8 and not MariaDB as well with their latests versions of Ghost is anyone's guess. They don't even support SQLite in production mode anymore. Seems a bit suspect if you ask me.

Anyway other errors stopping me from updating such as trying to use SQLite anyway, a complete lack of help from Ghost's devs (I did ask, no one responded, not even other community members), the shitty features I (or probably anyone else) don't want or need, the fact the cunt is STILL a pain in the arse to update even now and plenty of other reasons like how Ghost's devs only support Mailgun for the mailing system (which is now a paid-for service), their suspicious motives behind some of their ridiculous decisions and how incredibly cuntish they all come across as, I have stopped using Ghost, and I'm not going back to it.

I'm going to look into an alternative, and I have my eye on a couple of solutions but it's not going to be a walk in the park getting them running in a manor that is to my liking so expect this page to be up for a while. Not that it matters. I bet I get almost zero traffic anyway. No one gives a fuck about me or my website.